This Coming Sunday is Slot-Tastic at Party Bingo.

Party Bingo

The Party Bingo site, complete with its lurid pink interior is one of those place which will no doubt not be to everyone’s taste. After all, being titled Party Bingo does not necessarily mean that you personally will want to attend said bash and there is often a danger for sites which adopt a name such as this that they might appear to be a place which tries too hard to bring the fun as it were, without actually doing that.

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Well, not to worry, because if you can handle the colour pink, then you will actually no doubt have a fine time at this particular online bingo site as the games more than make up for the candy floss looking décor. Take this coming Sunday for example. Sure, the weekend does see the start of the new month kick off, which will no doubt bring with it some very pleasing new games for you to play and for me to report on, but there is an old classic of a promo playing out over at the Party Bingo site this Sunday too and as such, you really should pay them a  visit!

Yes, you can play the 'Slot-Tastic Sunday' promo over at the Party Bingo site this, well, Sunday, and just in case you are not already aware of this promo, let me give you a little insight before you run over to find out more. This essentially enables you gamers to win more points than you might be used to over at the Party Bingo site as any points gained from playing will be doubled by the generous folks behind the scenes! Nice no?

So, if you happen to enjoy side games, as much as you enjoy bonus points, then this Sunday should definitely be spent with the folks over at Party Bingo.

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