Value Day Coming up Again at Inter Bingo.


Every day might well seem like value day at certain sites, especially if you play your cards right. Still, the folks behind the scenes at the very illustrious Inter Bingo know all too well how expensive bingo can get sometimes which is why they have a very pleasing offer on the table at the minute.

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Yes, you gamers can enjoy a real taste of top of the range value action on certain days at Inter Bingo and these special occasions are called, wait for it, Value Days! Sure, what they might have lacked in terms of inspiration name-wise, they've more than made up for in terms of top notch games and deals.

See, these special days allow you gamers to sample the goods at cut prices. For example, you can play games which usually cost much more than a penny per ticket for, yes, a penny per ticket! Makes sense doesn't it?

These special events are rare however and as such it is important that you make sure you have the next one marked down in your diary as not to miss out on any of the big money action. Well, the next Value Day over at the Inter Bingo site lands on the 9th of August, a day which deserves to be noted down in those diaries right now folks. No, seriously, mark it down right now because you do not want to miss out this day of bargains!

The next Value Day, after the 9th August will land later on in the month, but missing the first one would be a crying shame. So, make sure that this date is solidified in your brain boxes at least and you can look forward to winning some very pleasing prizes, for not very much cash at all!

Head over to Inter Bingo today to check out their brand new value days!

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