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Though we do like to give you gamers heads up on big events and the like, there are some promotions which seem to be running pretty much constantly, which is very good news for us because by this point in any month, the promotions are often coming to an end.

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Sad news yes, but on the plus side, it simply means that a whole host of brand new promotions will be lined up on the table for you to enjoy come next week, and that also means that there will be plenty of news stories out there for me to report on!

Honestly, it's good news all round. Still, like I said before, some promotions seem to run all year round and over at Inter Bingo, they have a real corker on offer pretty much constantly, one which certainly warrants attention!

Yes, at the minute at least, though there appear to be no plans to change this fine promo, you gamers can try the Inter Bingo site and all the goodies which are on offer over at this very pleasing bingo website, for absolutely nothing!

Yes, when you gamers sign up, you receive a single pound for free, which, though it might sound like naff all, it is actually a fine amount because this can get you entry into pretty much every one of their fine games, excluding the big evening events that is, thereby giving you gamers a great insight into what should be, a great website.

To find out more about this very well thought out promotion, why not pop on over to the Inter Bingo site today?

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