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Sure, the month is coming to an end which means that most sites are left looking a little bit bare as the folks behind the scenes battle away in order to create a whole heap of fine new promotions for the up and coming month.

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Still, some sites out there really do maintain their presence and Jackpot Joy Bingo is one of them. Now, this might not seem like a very important aspect but believe me folks, it very much is. I for one cannot stand visiting a site to find that they've not updated their information. It makes the whole place seem barren and, in all honesty, it is a little insulting to us gamers too as it shows a very large lack of commitment on their behalf.

Well, thankfully, Jackpot Joy Bingo is still very much a website with a pulse and their current list of promotions is just as impressive at it might be at any time of the calendar month. For starters, there is a big money game taking place tonight at the Jackpot Joy site, cleverly titled 'The Big Money Friday Game'. See what they did there?

Also, there are many promotions which continue into the first few days of August, which is an odd move, but a good one as too many events have a tendency to end at the same time. Take the 'Summer Winnin'' promotion at the Jackpot Joy site. This game doesn't end until the 2nd of August and boasts a very pleasing £5,000 prize too!

To find out more about these still active promotions, pop on over to the ever on the ball Jackpot Joy Bingo site. There you will find details on all the top notch games and promotions which are yet to come as well!

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