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Now, I certainly understand the frustration many of you gamers must be feeling towards the end of the month. There really are few things left to report that you gamers have not already heard many times over when there is nothing but a couple of days left in a month if you only look at the surface of the online bingo community. After all, most sites are already gearing up for next month’s new promotions and additions which means that from now until Sunday, most sites will simply be tying up some loose ends.

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Well, there are still big winners being made, even if there doesn't appear to be much else going on across the online gaming community at the minute, as if ever the case, so hold on to your ego's folks, because here is another list of gamers who might well bring about the green eyed monster in those of you who are a little susceptible to jealousy!

Yes, Inter Bingo is a site which never seems to tire, even at the end of the month which is why this week there have been some very impressive little wins, and some which are far from little. There have been many gamers to narrowly miss out on the £900 mark over at Inter this week. The gamers 'sadiesable' and 'joesouth1974' both came very close to claiming a big win of this nature this week, but one lucky gamer has managed to beat the grand mark since Monday. 'TheDaddy26' has won a grand exactly thanks to the side games over at Inter Bingo this week, so kudos to him.

Of course, come Sunday, there should be brand new games on offer which will no doubt bring even bigger winners out of the woodwork, so until then folks, enjoy the practice because next month, your name might well be on these here pages!

Head over to Inter Bingo today to join the long list of bingo winners!

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