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Wow, that's a bit of a mouthful right there. Try saying it fast folks; Minxy Bingo Super Linx Games. It's a challenge and a half. Well, this is exactly what is on offer over at the popular Minxy Bingo site at the moment, Linx games that is, not a challenging tongue twister!

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Yes, these days, the Linx game is all the rage and it makes sense. See, though they might not be quite as impressive as the old progressive pot event, Linx games do offer significantly improved pots as, and their name suggests this, they are linked to other games which take place in different places, thereby pooling the pots which grow massively as a result. Now, though this might up the level of competition, it also makes for one hell of a game and as such, these events are not to be sniffed at!

For starters, you gamers can, at the moment at least, enjoy some very pleasing Linx game action across the bingo day at Minxy Bingo. From 12.00 noon onwards, you gamers can participate in a cracker of an event, followed by another! Yes, in the Rich Ruby room, these Linx games take place three times a day and, as they are Linx games, the pots are not only impressive, they are often pretty massive!

To find out more about these daily events, why not nip on over to the Minxy Bingo site when you next get a chance as there you will find entry requirements as well as any extra terms and or indeed conditions with regard to these fine daily events. Safe to say that with the kind of pots which are on offer as an incentive, you really should be looking a little deeper into these fine events!

Head over to Minxy Bingo today to check out their latest Linx jackpots!

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