Casino Tours and Big Money Thursdays at Bingo Joy.


Though the majority of bingo sites which are in operation today like to keep their names simple and effective, sites such as Bingo Joy really have hit the nail on the head. Sure, you perhaps would be wrong to judge a site by its name, much in the same way as you should never judge a book by its cover, but it can sometimes give you a little insight of what you can expect at a website.

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Take the Cheeky Bingo site for example. It is clear what kind of take on the whole online bingo experience you will receive when you play at Cheeky Bingo and similarly, you can bet your bottom dollar that when you play at Bingo Joy, you will also experience the emotion its name includes! Especially, as it turns out, if you play on a Thursday night.

Now, I have often thought that Thursday nights receive some kind of special treatment in the online bingo world as nearly every big name site offers up a special event or two on this particular night. Sure, it makes sense when you think about it as many gamers will be out of the house celebrating the birth of the weekend on a Friday, so Thursdays are a good night for a big bingo competition.

Well, there are crackers on offer at Bingo Joy this Thursday night. For starters, you gamers can win a fantastic Casino Tour holiday if you play between 9pm and 10pm in the Bingo Café Room at this site.

If this is not really your thing however (though I'm sure it will be, if you think about it), you can also play for a whopping £5,000 jackpot on a Thursday night! Now, there is something we can all enjoy!

So, if you are lacking Joy in your diet at the minute, this is one bingo site which you'll very much need to visit at some point, and I would recommend doing so on a Thursday night!

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