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Yes, though the Bingo Joy site has already featured on these pages here at more than once this week, there are still many things left to report from this fine up and coming bingo site.

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After all, if there are a hundred fine new promotions on offer, you gamers deserve to know about them all! Fortunately, for the sake of my fingers and my laptop keys, even my sanity, there are not quite a hundred stories to report from this site, but here is a another little taster of the kind of events you gamers can look forward to participating in over at the Bingo Joy website.

Yes, the events are not limited to any one night of the week over at Bingo Joy. Though, like many sites they do tend to put a lot of effort into their Thursday night games, every other night of the week sees a wonderful game take place from 9pm until 10pm in the Bingo Café room at this fine gaming website. Yes, if daily games are your thing, this is one site which you'll very much enjoy checking out as there is a whopping £1,000 up for grabs every night of the week at this site, except Thursdays that is (when you can play for £5,000). Awesome stuff I'm sure you gamers will all agree.

Of course, the rules are pretty simple really, but if you do like what you've seen and fancy checking out these games in a little more detail, why not pop on over to the Bingo Joy website when you next get a chance?

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