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The word 'light' doesn't always fill me with confidence folks. I don't know about you but I have been on enough diets to know that a 'light' or indeed a 'lite' option if the food in question wants be a bit 'down with the kids' is usually less than pleasing. Sure, they might be better for the old waistline but it can still be a fairly flat experience eating something which has a fantastic 3 calories and the like.

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Well, the bingo world is filled with gamers who know exactly how bad this whole dieting malarkey can be. Well, a while back we gave you gamers a heads up on a special 'lite' version of bingo, courtesy of the folks behind the scenes at Tombola Bingo and, though the word usually brings about negative connotations, this is no weak concept, believe me!

Essentially, these 'lite' games are value bingo, but done in a very impressive style. Yes, Tombola Bingo know their onions when it comes to online entertainment and this new product is in no way inferior to any other value bingo games you might find on the web, in fact, it's pretty darn impressive.

Games can be played at Tombola Bingo for as little as two pence thanks to this new Bingo 'Lite' product and the feedback has been all positive thus far from gamers and critics alike.

There are also linked games taking place in this new version of the online bingo experience, meaning that just because it's 'lite', there is no need to worry about missing out on the big money action.

For further details on this new game, put the half fat ice-cream down and pop on over to Tombola today. It tastes just like the real thing folks!

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