July is Looking Good for Wins at Bingo Scotland.

Bingo Scotland

You know, even though you may have noticed a similar vibe to many of our articles here at gamingsupermarket.com, that is to say that we tend to be more than a little bit optimistic about most sites we report on, there are certain sites which always bring about a grin when I sit down to pen an article.

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One of these sites is Bingo Scotland. I cannot really explain what it is about this particular site, but it just appeals to me for some reason and who wants to argue with that kind of positivity? Maybe it's the fine design, the slightly out there name and theme? Who knows what it is, but Bingo Scotland just has that added something in my opinion.

Well, I'm quite sure that there are a few gamers out there who this month will be agreeing with my sentiment. After all, what is more likely to make a site special to you on a personal level than giving you tons and tons of cash? Not much I wouldn't have thought. Well, this is one site which is more than happy to do just that, as their current July Leader board is showing. For starters, the gamer who plays under the alias of 'thatstheone' has won a large amount of cash this month already, claiming over £3,500 at this fine online gaming site! Not a bad amount of money I'm sure you'll agree gamers.

Still, the biggest winner this month, so far that is, has to be the gamer who plays under the moniker of 'bojangles69'. This lucky gamer, whose name does sound rather familiar to me, has won over £7,000 at this site already this month! An amazing amount of cash!

So, if you want to beat these scores, you might wish to check out the titles on offer at the Bingo Scotland site today!

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