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As we all know by now, although online bingo is clearly our first love as online gamers, occasionally we might wish to branch out slightly and try our collective gaming hands at something new and slightly random.

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Well, this desire is certainly catered for in the online gaming world as not only do sites such as Gala Bingo offer fine bingo based gaming action, there are a ton of side games for you to get through as well as other, slightly more intense gaming options, namely the all new Black-Jack experience. Safe to say that for those of you gamers out there who consider yourselves to bingo purists, you might want to look away now people.
We might have come to expect this kind of ground-braking move over at Gala Bingo but that doesn't make this news any less impressive. You see, in a bid to keep things as fresh as possible, Gala have just launched what promises to be a huge game which although deviates slightly from bingo, will no doubt leave you with the gaming buzz. If you are fond of black-jack and manage to beat the dealer over at Gala, you might well find your bingo accounts credited with a fantastic amount of money. Yes, £2,500 is up for grabs this month over at Gala Bingo and that is no mean sum of money, especially for a side-game.
Bare in mind folks that this is a monthly game so although it sounds appealing, you won't be able to win constantly. Were this the case then no doubt Gala Bingo would find themselves broke within a day! They are generous, but not entirely nuts folks! So, if you fancy flexing those black-jack muscles, pop on over to Gala today for all the terms and conditions.

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