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It has been a bad month or so for those folks out there who have absolutely no interest in sports of any kind because there have been numerous football and tennis themed promotions all over the bingo world lately, but that doesn't mean that these are the only sporting events which have been cornered by the bingo world, not by a long shot as the Totesport Bingo site has gone to show this month.

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Yes if you’re looking for some exciting sport and a touch of glamour then you can’t go far wrong with the latest promotion at Totesport Bingo, that's right, it's the York Races! It might not exactly be the biggest date on the racing calendar but it certainly promises to be one impressive affair!

Now, I'm not going to knock the jockeys, because I certainly couldn't do what they do, but this is one sporting activity which is unlikely to include any participation for you, and as such, you gamers will be playing for a day in the sun, under a big silly hat, drinking champagne and eating strawberries. Not bad eh?

To find out more about this promo, get yourselves over to the Totesport Bingo site today for further details.

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