New Bingo Game at Bingo Joy This Month.


New games will always bring new gamers to a site and they certainly won't harm the chances of making existing gamers happy either. Well, in case you have slept in over the last few days and are unsure, let me point out that July has finally arrived and with it comes a lot of new promotions and games.

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Of course, this is standard with every new month as there is nothing particularly special about July now is there? Well, if you play over at the Bingo Joy site this month there is because they have just launched a brand new game which will have all you bingo addicts out there reaching for your laptops like a caffeine fiend reaches for the Nescafe.

Yes, this brand new game does have a coffee theme, how did you guess folks? Working under the name of Espresso Bingo, this new 75 ball bingo game is already proving to be quite a hit over at the Bingo Joy website and it’s not hard to see why. See, as you gamers will already know, 75 ball bingo is just a quicker, more in your face version of the traditional 90 ball game, and is more of a European take on the whole bingo experience.

Still, enough about that, the prizes are what will really get you excited when playing this particular game. Yes you can really win big thanks to this new addition.

So, if you fancy joining a site which not only comes up with new promos when required, but is not afraid to add the occasionally new game to the menu either, then Bingo Joy might be right up your street!

Head over to Bingo Joy today and experience the new bingo games for yourself!

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