The Last Week in June Proves to be a Fine one at Tombola Bingo.

Tombola Bingo

Most bingo sites seem keen on advertising their biggest winners these days and it makes sense for them to do so too. See, those of you who happen to be scouting about prospective bingo websites will no doubt want to check out the kind of happy gamers who have won money at any of the sites you are looking at.

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Of course, this has no real sway on the amount of cash you might win at any site as the promotion in question needs to be still in operation. If it is however, then you might want to take these winner testimonies seriously because they could well be in the same position as you, assuming lady luck is on your side that is!

Well, Tombola Bingo is one site which is more than happy to share their tales of bingo success with you gamers who happen to have stepped into their fine site.

By the looks of things, things did not slow down at all over at the Tombola Bingo site last week. Instead, gamers continued to win fine amounts of cash and there have been some very happy faces over at this site of late. Here are just a couple of gamers who won big amounts of cash at Tombola over the last few days. First up is 'sarahcinco' who won £2,000 playing, well Cinco as it turns out. “It couldn't have come at a better time” she gushed.

Well, this wasn't the biggest win at the site last week. That accolade went to the gamer 'toddsmum2015' who won over £13,000 at the site! Amazing stuff no? Well, if testimonies will get you to sign up at a site, then you might expect to find yourselves with a Tombola Bingo account in the near future!

Head over to Tombola Bingo today and see if you can join the list of big bingo winners!

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