Gala Bingo Adds a Celeb Touch to Their World Cup Coverage.

Gala Bingo

The world cup might well have taken the whole nation by storm but few of us might have predicted that the world of online gaming would have been so hugely affected by such an event.

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Safe to say however, that the folks behind the scenes at all the big websites have been pulling out all the stops in order to provide up to the minute coverage on something that most of you bingo lovers will not have thought too much about in the months prior to kick off. Well, one site has not only decided to celebrate the world cup in all its glory, but they have thought long and hard about how to sweeten the deal.

The site in question folks is the ultimately well respected Gala Bingo which many of you gamers will no doubt already consider to be one of the best sites on the whole of the internet. Well, things have just got a little sweeter.

See, the Gala Bingo brain-boxes have decided that as much as the world cup might be interesting for some of us gamers, myself included, there are many of you gamers out there that might not be entirely over the moon about your TV time being so dictated for the next month.

This is why Gala Bingo are securing the services of ex-Emmerdale star Sheree Murphy and not only will she be adding a touch of glamour to the proceedings, she is also the wife of a certain Mr. Harry Kewell who is representing Australia in the tournament, so she knows her stuff.

There are also tons of games and promos on offer at the Gala Bingo site at the moment which relate to the world cup so if you are looking to add a touch of World Cup fever to your bingo adventures, pop on over to the Gala Bingo site today to see what's on offer.

Join the celebs and add a touch of glamour to the bingo world over at Gala Bingo!

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