Massive Daily Pots at Minxy Bingo.

Minxy Bingo

Sometimes, we here at do indeed stumble across a promotion or two which has already been in operation for some time, though for some reason very much under the radar. It confuses us massively in fact when we do discover a promotion such as this which has all the hallmarks of a true cracker but for some unknown reason just hasn't been advertised as it should.

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Well, one site which are totally guilty of this crime is the ever popular Minxy Bingo site. See, there are daily games taking place at this fine online bingo site but for reasons unknown to many of us, they simply haven't really advertised them! It boggles the mind too folks because they are truly top drawer, these games which is why we must tell you all about them right now.

See, when you first visit a site and discover their daily games list, you can often be left thinking that they could be a little bit better, well not at Minxy Bingo. See, these folks have had the gumption to place daily linx Bingo games at their site, even if they didn't have the sense to advertise the fact! Now, we're talking big money games here folks, on a daily basis with £3,000 up for grabs in places!

To find out more about these elusive games, including what time they play, pop along to the Minxy Bingo site.

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