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Totesport Bingo

Bingo sites tend to be a little competitive, this we know is a fact. But the way in which they try to tempt us into playing at their sites has barely changed in recent months, it’s all about the welcome schemes folks!

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If you are currently looking for a new home for your online bingo action, there are plenty of them out there that each offer a deposit based welcome scheme which is designed to get you to pick their site above all of the others, and as we all know by now, that is an awful lot of sites! So, with this in mind, which site is right for you? If they’re all offering you the same, or at least a similar take on the whole welcome scheme vibe, what makes one site better than the rest?

Well, you could just view it as a money gaining exercise. In other words, the site which offers you gamers the most free cash when you sign up becomes the one for you. But as we all know there is much more behind a bingo site than free money when you sign up. Longevity is important and there is only one way to find out if a site is right for you and that is to give it a go. I mean, we can only give you the facts, then it’s down to you!

With this in mind, the Totesport Bingo site is currently offering a fine welcome scheme, and one which takes a strangely new route. If you try to log on to the Totesport Bingo site at the moment, you are met with a simple yet effective page which offers you gamers £10 free when you sign up.

This way there is no messing about with percentages and you gamers can get a lot out of £10 free play, believe me.

So, if you fancy giving them a go this month, check out the terms and conditions which can be found at the Totesport Bingo site!

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