Inter Bingo Get Ready For a Summer of Fantastic Football Action


This summer there is an event taking place which will be no doubt on many of your agendas. When football is a world event, held whilst the summer is in full swing, the whole country gets behind their team.

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Now, as a fan of a slightly useless League Two football team, I have seen on many occasion the frustratingly dull side of football, however, this summer we are all in for a treat and it’s not surprising that many of us are getting very excited about it already.

One bingo site in particular has already got it's metaphorical eye on the forthcoming World Cup which is taking place in South Africa in a couple of weeks. See, over at Inter Bingo, they know a huge event when they see one which is why there are a ton of new promotions related to this summer’s FIFA World Cup already in operation, and they only get better next month when the event actually kicks off.

For starters though, how do you fancy getting hold a brand new TV set to watch this year’s event? Well, play at Inter Bingo on the first of June for a chance to win just that!

There are also tons of other football themed promotions over at the fine Inter Bingo site, let’s not forget that this is the site that will soon be sending someone into outer space! See, there are football party packs and tons of other little extras for you to get your hands on so if you fancy celebrating in style this summer and maybe, just maybe, seeing England win the cup once again, you might want to pop on over to Inter Bingo first and really get in the spirit of the event!

Celebrate the World Cup with Interbingo and get your hands on loads of football prizes and goodies!

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