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As kids, most of us have some pretty crazy dreams. Sure, some us simply want to be footballers or movie stars but some of us quite fancied being astronauts as children. I, however, was not one of these children as getting on a plane upsets me enough, getting on board a space shuttle and being blasted into the midst of nothingness is not really my kind of holiday but for some of us, those with a much braver persona, have dreamt about visiting outer space since they were in short trousers.

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Of course, most of us will have had this dream removed from our minds at some point as it's not exactly realistic now is it? Well, turns out that it is! Especially if you happen to play over at Inter Bingo any time soon!

Yes, Inter Casino have been offering this unbelievable promotion for a while now but now you bingo fanatics can also get in on the deal too. Simply by signing up and then depositing at the Inter Bingo website, you will be allocated a place in the special prize draw which will take place later on.

Applicants must get involved before the 30th May however, so make sure that you are all signed up and ready to go in time folks because this is, quite literally the chance of a lifetime!

Inter Bingo, like its casino based brother site is enjoying a growing reputation of late and promotions like this certainly won’t hinder their growth. I for one am yet to come across a promotion which is more impressive than this, even if the idea does scare the living daylights out of me! Cowards like myself need not apply, but if you like what you've read, you know where to go!

Make like an astronaut and visit Intercasino today for the chance to win a trip into outer space!

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