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new to the world of online bingo and feeling a little baffled by the way that it all works, we’ve compiled this simple guide to get you started!

Online bingo is a relatively new phenomenon that is spreading across the UK and the rest of the world. The first online bingo website in the UK sprung up in 2003 following on from the massive success of land-based bingo. Online bingo developed to become a way in which people could play their favourite game from the comfort of their own homes.

Surprisingly, the game of bingo as we know it today has its origins in 16th century Italy! If we fast track right up to the present day, the game has developed from being a simple numbers game to one played regularly in bingo halls and is now predominantly played online!

Most websites offering online bingo provide their members with user-friendly interfaces. These interfaces often allow you to play numerous bingo cards at once. What you’ll see on your screen are virtual versions of traditional bingo cards. A traditional bingo card in the UK is filled with a selection of numbers from 1-90 has three rows and 9 columns, whereas in the US version of the game the card has a selection of numbers from 1-75 in a 5x5 format.

As the game commences, numbers are called and will appear on your screen. The aim of the game is to match the numbers on your card to the numbers called. You are usually given the option to manually mark off the numbers yourself, (for bingo veterans, this is known as ‘dabbing’) or they are marked automatically.

One of the many benefits of online bingo is the variation in game play. In a traditional game, the initial prize goes to the first player with a horizontal line and the final prize goes to the player with a full house – where every number is covered. In online bingo, various pattern formations may denote a winner, such as a ‘J’ shaped pattern. Game play also varies in terms of speed as many websites offer speed bingo, where the game is played at a superfast pace!

Bingo has always been a sociable game, as attendees to bingo halls play the game for the social aspect alongside the possibility of huge financial gain. Online bingo has replicated this social element to bingo by providing bingo chat games. When playing a bingo chat game you are able to chat to your competitors which often results in strong friendships being formed!

Ultimately, online bingo provides you with a convenient alternative to land based bingo. You can sit back, relax and enjoy a nice cuppa whilst you play a game or two! Online bingo snugly fits into a hectic lifestyle and can offer the possibility of winning huge jackpots!

With many bingo sites offering substantial sign up bonuses and loyalty schemes, choosing which site is right for you can be a baffling process. Gaming Supermarket gives you the lowdown on all of the leading bingo brands on the internet in order to make it easy to decide which website is right for you!

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