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a bit of a bingo veteran you’ll be familiar with the etiquette traditions that have been established in bingo halls in the UK. Commonly, you’ll be expected to remain silent during a game of bingo in a traditional hall so that once the winner shouts to declare that they have won, they can be heard.

When playing online bingo, there is no need to be silent unless you feel that it helps your game. However, there are etiquette guidelines that should be followed when playing online bingo as the majority of bingo websites offer a chat feature in their bingo games. The chat feature allows you to chat to fellow players during the game about anything and everything! By offering you the opportunity to chat to other players, the social aspect of bingo is upheld by online bingo websites.

In general, common courtesy and respect for other players is the golden rule. This means keeping bad language at bay which includes swearing and insulting comments. You wouldn’t say these things to your friends, so bear that in mind when talking to new bingo buddies!

A screen name reveals a lot about you, so stick to something simple or funny if you’re a bit of a joker! Always bear in mind that some users might find jokes inappropriate or offensive, so stick to something light-hearted.

Bad bingo etiquette is exemplified in using capital letters when chatting in an online bingo game. Writing in capitals is to be avoided because it gives the impression that you are shouting. Imagine shouting at other players across a bingo hall and you get an impression of why it’s bad form! Stick to lower case and you’ll make some lovely friends all across the world.

In most bingo chat rooms you’ll find Chat Moderators or CM’s. These people are situated within bingo chat rooms to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the games and so that everyone is well accommodated. When talking to CM’s it is important to be considerate and patient, often they have many simultaneous requests from different users at once. If you have a question, ask and patiently wait for a reply. Other bingo players may also be able to help out. A friendly and patient approach is the way to go when it comes to online bingo so that everyone can enjoy the game.

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