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As the popularity of online bingo increases, so too do the number of variations of the game increase. In the past when in the UK bingo halls were the main venues for playing the game, the 90 ball version of the game was by far the most common, though in the USA it was the 75 ball game that was played to most. In the modern age of online bingo both forms are equally accessible and other forms of the game such as 80 ball bingo are also gaining in popularity. Here we will look at the major features of 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo.

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In 75 ball bingo the cards are a five by five grid with 25 squares each of which, apart from the centre square, contains a number. The central square is a free space. Often cards are purchased in strips of three and each strip will contain all the numbers from 1 to 75.

There are two ways in which to win the 75 ball game. The usual one is by marking between one and five lines with a prize being awarded for each event. The first line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal, but the rest must be horizontal. The second way to win is be achieving certain patterns which are pre-marked on the cards.

In 80 ball bingo the tickets are grids of four by four numbers and each square has a number. Again it is common to purchase strips of five tickets which contain all the numbers from 1 to 80. Winners are the first players to mark one, two, three and four lines, though sometimes the prize for the first line can also be won by marking four corners or four central squares. The single line can also be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, though the rest of the lines must be vertical.

The 90 ball game remains the most popular format as it is the best known amongst traditional bingo aficionados. The card is a three by nine grid (3 rows and 9 columns) and strips of three cards contain all the possible numbers. Winners are the first to mark one, two and three horizontal lines.

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