Bingo Online or Live?

 Do you play bingo online or do you play it at a bingo hall? Perhaps you play it at both. A recent survey showed that 52% of bingo players played exclusively at bingo halls, 29% played exclusively online whilst 19% regularly played both online and in bingo halls.

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 Naturally the experiences of online and bingo hall games are very different, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The beauty of online bingo is that it is very convenient and you can play it anytime. You can play for as little or as much time as you wish. Nowadays a big part of online play is the social element. You can chat online to similarly minded players from all walks of life. Chat rooms are moderated by a bingo host or ‘chat moderator’ and are fun and safe places to be.

 The bingo hall experience is of course very different. Unlike the online version of the game, going to a bingo hall involves all the aspects of going out to a club either alone or with your friends. Maybe you don’t need to make all the effort that you might put in to getting ready for an evening at a nightclub, but certainly some effort is required, after all you are not likely to go to a bingo hall wearing a housecoat and a pair of furry slippers. Then there is the transport and the associated costs which do not come cheaply nowadays.

 The experience of bingo game play is very different online from that at a bingo hall. In a bingo hall the atmosphere can be very intense. The players sit in silence, concentrating on the numbers being called and the numbers on their bingo cards. Miss a number and you lose your opportunity to win a game.

 Playing online is altogether a more relaxed experience. You can use automatic daubers that will never allow you to miss a number which gives you a considerable amount of freedom to chat as you play.
 So which do you prefer; online or a bingo hall?

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