Bingo Glossary

If you’re new to the world of bingo or you just need to brush up on your bingo terminology, we’ve got a fully comprehensive glossary right here at Gaming Supermarket. Brush up on bingo knowledge and you’ll be wowing the other roomies in no time. If you’re puzzled about all the latest bingo offers out there, compare them for free with Gaming Supermarket.

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75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball Bingo is commonly played in the US and Canada but during the surge in popularity of online bingo, it has become a staple for players across the world and compliments 90-ball bingo perfectly.

The game features 75 numbers from 1-75 that can be called out and matched up to the numbers on your card. A 75-Ball Bingo card will have 5x5 squares filled with numbers.  


90-Ball Bingo

90-Ball Bingo is the most popular form of Bingo in the UK. 90 balls from 1-90 are used in this game and are marked off on the standard bingo card.







Bingo started its life as a game called Beano. It took on a similar format, with numbers picked out of a bag and players marking off numbers on their Beano cards using- you’ll never guess - Beans! Legend has it that instead of shouting out ‘Beano!’, a woman got her words muddled up and shouted out ‘Bingo!’ and from then on, the game became known as Bingo.


Bingo Card

The Bingo card in a 90-ball game has 15 numbers: 3 rows of 5 numbers and 4 blank spaces on each line  A 75-ball bingo card has 24 numbers on a 5x5 matrix, 5 on each line excepting the middle square which has a free space.





In traditional, land based bingo, a caller is the name given to the person who draws out the bingo balls and calls the numbers out to the crowd. In recent times, the caller has moved online to announce numbers to players automatically.


Chat Games

As bingo has moved online, there has been a significant shift in the way that bingo is played. Traditionally, there is no chatting involved in bingo and you are supposed to be silent during games. However, in the online version of the game, chatting is encouraged! Chat games take place on the majority of bingo sites so if you want to socialise whilst playing you’ve got that option. Find out which sites offer chat games with Gaming Supermarket.



CM – Chat Moderator

Here at Mecca Games you’ll notice a bunch of people being referred to as the ‘CMs’. They are our Chat Moderators and they’re always on hand in each of our chat rooms to make sure everything is always running smoothly for you! They can help you with your questions and they are responsible for starting up the new games and letting you know when to get involved.



Coverall is an alternative name for a Full House. Cover all numbers on your card before anyone else and you’ll win.




Dabber/ Dauber


A Dabber or Dauber is the implement traditionally used to mark off numbers on a bingo card. In land based bingo this functions as an ink device to simply ‘dab’ off the numbers. Many online bingo operators give you the opportunity to dab off numbers manually as well as automatically.






Full House

A full house is the saying used to denote covering off all numbers on a bingo card. Reach a full house before any other player and you win the game of bingo.


Free Play

Many bingo operators will offer the chance to play for free, either as a starting offer or as a regular onsite promotion. Watch out for free play opportunities with the help of Gaming Supermarket. We bring you details of all the latest free bingo offers, giving you the chance to choose the right online bingo site for your needs.









Big jackpots are offered on many of the online bingo sites, we provide you with information about the sites offering progressive jackpots and those with big money prizes.






Multiple Winners

If one or more bingo players complete a pattern on a game, the winnings are shared between them. If you’ve been a multiple winner, your bingo operator will inform you and the winnings will be distributed equally.








To win a game of bingo you must complete one of the specified patterns. The usual patterns you must complete are 1 line, 2 lines and a Full House. In some games of bingo there will be less conventional patterns that you must complete.


Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot is an increasing jackpot which accumulates until someone finally wins a game.



Most bingo operators will offer incentives and promotions to players. Here at Gaming Supermarket we provide you with impartial advice on the best promotions available to you. If you’re feeling baffled by all the offers out there, we sort out the best promotions for you so that your choice is made easy.







Roomies are the people chatting and playing in a bingo chat room.


Random Number Generator

A random number generator is used in offline bingo in order to randomly select numbers. Online bingo uses the same principle, with all numbers drawn automatically.











A wager is how much you bet in each game, select more cards to wager more and increase your chance of winning.




For a fully rounded guide on all things bingo, look no further than Gaming Supermarket.

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