Can you best the seven-day marathon at Bet365 Bingo?

bet365 Bingo

The idea of of completing a marathon is a fairly daunting prospect for the vast majority of people; luckily, Bet365 Bingo have made the challenge much more appealing with their seven-day £1,000 marathon promotion...

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The idea is simple: there is a £1,000 prize-pool on offer for all those dedicated Bet365 'bingo-heads', who can rise to the challenge of playing the game they love and keep at it for seven consecutive days. As well as the £1,000 prize-pool that is up for grabs, one lucky player will also win themselves an extra £150. The player will be chosen at random for those who are eligible for the seven-day marathon prize-pool and has been brave enough to stake £20 or more on any given promotional day.

Those who do wish to take part in this potentially lucrative, endurance-based promotion can do so by simply choosing to press the 'Opt In' button on the Bet365 Promotional Offers page, before the promotion starts running (on Friday the 24th of June). Players need not worry whether or not their favourite type of bingo will count towards their daily promotional playing quota, as 90 Ball, 80 Ball, 75 Ball, Deal Or No Deal, Speed, Pattern and Lucky Numbers are all valid under the promotional terms.

Meanwhile, players can find themselves some superb value for money with the '2p Treat Games' on offer at Bet365 Bingo. These fantastically inexpensive games can be played at 8pm every Tuesday in the 'Jet-setter' room; during these games players can earn themselves a share of a cool £100 prize-pool, making this one of the best value games for the entry costs on the internet – Bet365 Bingo say that it is their customers opportunity to 'turn pennies into pounds'.

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