Online bingo meets social networking

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It appears that two of the biggest online phenomenons in the United Kingdom right now are about to converge...

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Online bingo is currently one of the biggest areas of online entertainment; this is due in part to the decline of the traditional bingo halls, as well as the huge amount of advertising that went into the industry last year. It now seems that online bingo is merging with social networking (one of the United Kingdom's other true internet vices).

Online bingo is rapidly starting to join, and even replace more established social networking sites as a means of communication. This is thought to be catalysed by the sense of community that players who use the same online bingo provider experience. Online bingo players are able to perform any task that they would on a dedicated social networking site, allowing them to communicate with friends and family, with the added bonus of being able to indulge in the game that they love.

This emerging trend, which is only expected to continue growing, has led to some online bingo providers offering services and facilities that used to belong firmly in the domain of a “true” social networking site, such as posting status updates (like Facebook or Twitter), share photos or play mini-games.

The websites are striving to provide an all-encompassing, immersive experience for their customers by allowing them to feel totally connected with the people they care about while utilising their bingo service. Some websites are even planning to introduce webcam services to their current set-ups; this would provide unparalleled social networking that even the biggest websites have still to offer.

Meanwhile, other bingo providers are teaming up with established social networking websites: recently, 888ladies offered their customer-base an exclusive bonus if they could manage to achieve a total of 5,000 fans on their Facebook page...

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