Latest Winners Prove November to be a Lucky Month at Ladbrokes Bingo.

Ladbrokes Bingo

Ladbrokes Bingo have recently announced a selection of lucky gamers who have won big since the month of November began, and as it's Ladbrokes Bingo we are talking about, you can safely guarantee that the prize on offer were very much playing for.

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Yes, since the month of November began, there have been some very impressive victories take place over at the Ladbrokes Bingo site. Take the player who plays under the alias of 'rapido'. This lucky individual managed to claim a very impressive £990 thanks to the mini roulette game over at the Ladbrokes Bingo website, but as you might imagine, he is far from being the luckiest gamer to log on to the Ladbrokes site since November began.
The Clover Rollover was won earlier in the week by the gamer known as 'nealey1'. This very lucky bingo fanatic claimed a cool £1,000 in this game, and no doubt was chuffed to bits with his/her victory. Another gamer, this time going under the name of 'robertpeet' also claimed a grand this week, and yet these two lucky individuals are not the top gamers in terms of prizes won either this month. The best victory of the month thus far instead goes to the lucky gamer 'tyrone2x11x', winning over £2,500; a great victory indeed.
However, as impressive as some of these wins are, it is important to point out that these are only bingo wins; some of the side game pots have blown even the £2,500 plus win clean out of the water. To sample some of these games for yourselves, simply pop on over to the Ladbrokes Bingo site today where more information can be found about signing up and the winners list can also be located in full.

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