Side Games Pay-Out Again at Little Big Bingo.

Little Big Bingo

Side games are as much of a draw to certain sites these days as the actual bingo events themselves, and at Little Big Bingo this week, it is easy to see why. Like most good sites, the winner’s lists are easily available to one and all over at the Little Big Bingo site, which means that gamers can simply nip across to the homepage and check out the kind of pots which are being handed out on a regular basis. Well, at Little Big Bingo, these pots are particularly pleasing, especially if you happen to be something of a side game fanatic.
Yes, despite the fact that the bingo games themselves pay out rather generously over at the Little Big Bingo site, it is the sides which are causing the biggest cheers right now. Last week saw some very impressive prizes handed out, and here are just a couple which might bring a smile to your face. First up is the gamer who plays under the alias of 'wildcatpather'. This gamer claimed over £1,300 thanks to the side games over at the Little Big Bingo site, and the same can be said for the lucky gamer who plays under the alias of 'mysyicmog' (not a typo on our behalf).

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 Still, the biggest side game from the last seven days landed in the lap of the gamer who plays under the name of 'simonnat'. This very fortunate young man claimed over £4,000 for his troubles over at Little Big Bingo over the weekend, and our congratulations go out to him.
To be in with a chance of getting your name on this exclusive winners list for next week, you'll need to pop on over to the Little Big Bingo site and check out the wide variety of side games, as well as some of the bingo events to boot. All details on these games, and the full winners list is available at Little Big Bingo right now.

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