Penny Pot at Bet365 Bingo.

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Bet365 Bingo are still offering up a selection of promotions which have become staples over at the site in recent times, including the ever popular Penny Pot games. The Penny Pot, for those of you who have never experienced the thrills of this event, is a real feat of online gaming thinking and a very positive move from the team behind the scenes at the Bet365 Bingo site.

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The sheer popularity of these games goes to show that someone made a very valid suggestion at one team meeting or another. These games boast a standard pot of £1,000, a fine amount of cash on its own, but this amount also rises every single day until it is won by a lucky gamer, to the tune of £250 no less. So, this is certainly an event which warrants your attention, and seeing as the new month has just begun, there are plenty of chances to win a share of the cash this November, especially if you happen to get in on the action nice and early.
For more details on this very impressive system of games, ones which boast an ever increasing jackpot (much like a progressive game in that sense, which we already know are more than a little bit popular) why not nip across to the Bet365 Bingo site for all the relative terms and conditions?
As is standard fare over at Bet365 Bingo, these games are pretty much the tip of the iceberg and no more at the moment. Though they are real crackers and no mistake, there are plenty of other equally impressive and valid reasons to check out the Bet365 Bingo site this week. New gamers are treated very well indeed, and the sheer number of games, including sides, has to be seen to be believed. So, if you're on the lookout for something new this month, then Bet365 Bingo might well be right up your street.

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