Wink Bingo Make Logging In and Taking Part Even Easier.

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo, the company which is also responsible for the likes of Tasty and indeed Posh Bingo, have recently made the process of gaming at their site even easier by introducing a desktop icon which gamers can download. The introduction of this scheme has already been met with a very positive response from gamers and critics alike as it makes for a much simpler bingo experience all round. For starters, gamers who download this special desktop icon can simply double click on said icon and then be transported to the Wink Bingo site for instant bingo action.
These special downloadable icons have been on offer since last Thursday morning (the 28th of October) and have been claimed at a hugely rapid rate by gamers across the land. Still, as if the promise of getting in on some instant bingo entertainment isn't enough, the team behind the scenes at Wink Bingo are making the deal even sweeter by allocating up to 2,000 free bingo points to gamers who download these icons! Very generous stuff indeed from a site which is still very much top of its game at the minute.
Gamers who are familiar with the Wink Bingo site and it's features might also have notice a couple of tweaks to the site itself of late, but it is this particular promotion which is getting the most coverage at the moment, and with the sheer amount of points which are on offer to gamers who participate, it makes only sense. To find out more about these special icons and the amount of points which could suddenly appear in your account should you take part, visit the Wink Bingo site today where terms, conditions and all relative details can be found in abundance.

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