Bet365 Bingo Team Up With the National Lottery.

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Bet365 Bingo has teamed up with the National Lottery in order to offer you gamers the chance to play in one of the best loved games on the web. This current offering, entitled Dream Ticket Bingo, has been met with a huge response recently It makes sense too as gamers can potentially claim themselves a huge heap of cash, not only at the Bet365 Bingo site itself, but also in the main lottery draw as buying into these games will also see you placed in a syndicate for the big lottery draw. As you might expect, potential winnings are out of this world, which might explain the hugely popular nature of these events.

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In order to take part in these games, all you need to do is spend £5 at the Bet365 Bingo site and, as long as they tickets for 90 ball bingo games, then you will be certain to be entered for these big syndicate games. Gamers can enter up to 30 differing syndicates, all of which will be taking part in the big event itself, the national lottery draw! Of course, the chances of winning the actual lottery are rather small, but as gamers everywhere will know, lady luck has a tendency to spring up unannounced on occasion, and you do have to be in it to win it in the first place.

To find out more about these very popular Dream Ticket games, pop on over to the Bet365 Bingo site today. You will of course need to be a member over at this popular site in order to take part in the Dream Ticket games, as well as other fine promotions, many of which are currently being offered up to gamers at this precise moment in time at Bet365 Bingo. So, to ensure you are a fully fledged member, visit the Bet365 Bingo site today and make sure that you have your dream ticket!

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