Big Money Friday Nights at Bingo Fabulous.

Bingo Fabulous

At Bingo Fabulous on a Friday night, gamers are entitled to enter a big money game which will, assuming that lady luck is on your side, make for a very pleasing start to the weekend indeed. Bingo Fabulous might be a site with which you are already familiar, however, if you are not already a member over at this popular bingo website, you'll want to make sure that you remedy this issue at some point today, allowing for a night of top notch entertainment.

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Recently, the pull of big money games has seen something of a lull, as many sites offer similar events but if you fancy playing for a truly amazing £1 million pot, then you may want to plug that laptop in and pop on over to the Bingo Fabulous site tonight.

Tickets for this highly anticipated weekly game cost as little as a single pound and can be purchased from the Bingo Fabulous pre-buy section of their site. Assuming that you do not manage to claim the top prize of a million pounds, there is a very pleasing minimum guaranteed amount of £1,500 to be won which could very much make for a wondrous start to the weekend's festivities, whether you are likely to be spending it indoors on your laptops or outside shopping, a guaranteed £1,500 could come in very handy indeed and would certainly brighten any gamers Friday night.

So, even those these big games are becoming something of a given at many bingo sites at the minute, there is no end to the buzz that surrounds them and this is certainly a very fine move on behalf of the Bingo Fabulous team. If you want to get involved, this big money game kicks off weekly at 10pm. Visit the Bingo Fabulous site for all the relative terms and conditions with regard to this potentially life changing game.

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