Bet365 Bingo Still Offering Up a Selection of Fine Freebies.

bet365 Bingo

The ever popular Bet365 Bingo is making sure that gamers can still walk away from their particular free games and events with some decent dollar for their troubles. Every free game at Bet365 Bingo boasts at least a £50 jackpot which is certainly not a bad prize, considering that no capital needs to be wagered in the first place.

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These free games can be located in the Island Hopper room over at Bet365 Bingo and run every day from 10am right through to midnight and as they state on their website, you lovers of free bingo would be 'mad to miss out'! In addition, new gamers who sign up with Bet365 Bingo will also receive a tidy welcome bonus of £25 when they deposit a fiver or more so if you fancy a bit of a flutter for free, then you know where to spend your time and not your hard earned cash this month.

Free Bingo as a concept has become increasingly popular over the last twelve months or so and as such, pretty much every bingo site you could happen to stumble across with offer at least some form of free bingo gaming for your delectation. However, some sites are clearly better at offering up freebies than others and Bet365 Bingo is clearly one of these said sites, as the minimum £50 prize pot is very much not to be sniffed at.  Just under a year ago, the Posh Bingo site unfortunately made changes to their free games which, essentially meant that they would no longer offer a cash prize.

Of course, such a move from a top flight site was worrying news but thankfully, sites such at Bet365 have stayed strong. So, for big money, no risk games, Bet365 Bingo might be the site for you this week.

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