The Wheel is Still Spinning at Wink Bingo.

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo are still looking to make signing up a treat as the utterly glorious Spin the Wheel promotion is still on offer at this site. This is indeed a rarity, one which will, however, leave you gamers with huge smiles on your faces.

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The Spin the Wheel promotion is a wonderful extra from the team behind the scenes at Wink which allows new gamers to win a bonus prize when they sign on the virtual dotted line and the best thing about it is the fact that it's still very much in operation after months of glorious action already.

Indeed, when a promotion ends, especially one that you found yourselves rather attached too, it can be an emotional experience because certain games become regular events for bingo lovers. It is a little bit like having your local pub shut down. Well, some sites seem to have their virtual finger right on the pulse because they seem to know exactly what you gamers want.

To find out more about this promo, and the many other which are currently on offer at the Wink Bingo website, you might well find it handy to pop on over and check out for yourselves the kind of excitement that the Spin the Wheel promotion is causing.

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