Three Separate Progressive Games at Bet365 Bingo.

bet365 Bingo

If you are a gamer on the search for progressive pots, then the Bet365 Bingo website should probably on your list of places to visit this week. See, there are at least three separate progressive games which play over at this increasingly popular online bingo website and at the time this article was written, the prize funds were once again bulging excessively. For example, the progressive 'Clover Rollover' game is currently (at the time of writing) over £2.5million heavy, which is not only a marvellous amount of cash, but a sum which simply has to be won at some point. Very exciting times over at the Bet365 Bingo site and no mistake.

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As we mentioned earlier, however, the Clover Rollover isn't the only progressive game on offer at the Bet365 Bingo site at this moment in time. There are at least two others which boast similarly impressive amounts of cash as jackpots. First there is the always exciting Big Top Tombola which is now boasting a pot of over a million pounds, and at just under the million mark is the Snow Queens Magic side game. So, if you are looking for massive pots this week you could do much worse than pop on over to the Bet365 Bingo site as the cash is ready for plucking right now.

For gamers who are unaware of the perks of progressive games, why not pay the Bet365 Bingo site a visit sometime this week? You will not only find all the relative terms and conditions with regard to their list of progressive pot games on offer, but also extra information which helps to define the progressive games as a concept. Safe to say that you'll soon be a big fan.

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