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As you gamers know full well, in this electronic age, just because you are sat at your computer instead of a bingo hall table that doesn't mean that you are in any less of a sociable environment; online bingo is just as good at bringing people together. Well, with this heart warming vibe in mind, Wink Bingo are getting in the spirit of team play once again and are encouraging all you gamers to get involved too!

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Sure, most sites offer the option of team bingo but, with Wink Bingo being just that little bit special, their take on the team bingo experience is just that step beyond. Instead of spending your valuable time choosing your team and coming up with a suitable name and the like, Wink Bingo can randomly place you in a team which means that new friends are made all the time over at the popular online bingo website.

As is standard with online bingo at the moment, you'll be playing for points if you take part in these tournaments but with a whopping 170,000 worth of bonus points on offer as the top prize, well, it's certainly worth having a go. So, feeling sociable? Fancy making new chums whilst you bingo? Then give Wink Bingo a go this month, who knows who you might meet whilst winning points? If you want to get in on the action, you may well be better off, in all honesty, getting a team together for September but there is no reason why you shouldn't pay the Wink Bingo site a visit in order to take a look around, especially considering that you'll need to become a fully fledged member in order to take part.

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