Pennies Will Get You a Game at Wink Bingo This Month.

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Penny Bingo; just a step away from free bingo in terms of value, which might be one of the reasons why it's such a huge game online these days. In all honesty though, sometimes penny games can actually be even better than free bingo. I know, I know, surely free bingo will always be better than penny bingo, it's a simple case of maths.

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Well, sadly this is not the case because sometimes, though I'm pleased to say rarely, the free bingo games which are available on the world wide web can be a little disappointing in terms of prizes. Well, seeing as you pay to enter penny games (if you can call that paying), there tends to be better pots on offer. Take for example the all new Penny Games which are now available at Wink Bingo. Safe to say that for a penny stake, you might well get your hands on some very reasonable prizes!

Yes, these new super cheap games now play at the Wink Bingo website every single day; at 11am, 5.30pm and later in the evening for those of us with demanding jobs at 9.30pm. Playing in the special Pinky Winky room, these games will see your money valued very highly and there is little chance of you wasting your hard earned cash. Well, certainly not very much of it.

So, get looking down the sides of your sofas and chairs folks because those pennies are now as valuable as you like at Wink Bingo. I know they tend to be a bit of pain in day to day life, especially if you're trying to pay to get on the bus with a handful of coppers but at Wink Bingo, they might just win you a small fortune!

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