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Sometimes, when a website is as popular as Wink Bingo has become in recent months, then complacency might come into play. It's a sad state of affairs to be honest but every once in a while, a bingo site might spend a little too long resting on their virtual laurels. Well, not Wink Bingo, as their brand new bonus scheme just goes to show. Yes, the bingo giants are not happy with their current hold on the market it would seem and this brand new bonus scheme will no doubt see gamers flocking to the bingo giants website in droves, it really is a corker.

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Yes, not content with already offering a very generous welcome scheme for new gamers, Wink Bingo have just upped the ante somewhat and now offer gamers not only a hugely generous 200% deposit bonus, one of the best on the web, they also offer new gamers some exclusive bingo content which cannot be accessed by other gamers and might well be worth somewhere in the region of £1,000! Now that is what we would call a welcome!

When new gamers walk into the Wink Bingo website for the first time and make their membership official, they are given the chance to 'spin the wheel' and this lucky dip of sorts might just make you a very rich person before you have even played a single game of bingo! Honestly, it's a bit mind blowing isn't it? Never has following the crowds been such a rewarding experience and if you fancy getting your share of the welcoming money pie, pop on over to Wink Bingo today to see just what all the fuss is about. Honestly folks, they hardly give the competition a chance with promotions like this one!

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