Two More Top Games at Golden Hat Bingo.

Golden Hat Bingo

The changes are coming thick and fast folks so let’s not waste any time with a pre-amble here shall we? I mean by now we all know that with a new month comes new games and promotions and the like so before I waste my word count explaining all this jazz once again, let's just delve straight into the current goings on over at the Golden Hat Bingo site, a place which has been massively improved already this month and it is still, oh, only the first! Blimey!

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Yes, there are another two new games to report on over at the Golden Hat Bingo site, including the all new slots event, Lucky Shamrocks. Now, this might not be the most original name you've ever come across, neither is the game in honesty but with a rather sizeable £2million available in the coverall game, well, now you see the perks right? Of course, this game is going to be a bit of a swine to win, but that doesn't mean that you won't be able to do it and there are tons of smaller, but suitably pleasing prizes on offer, as well as the big money amount.

This is only one of the new aspects of the rather well tweaked Golden Hat Bingo site this week though, with another game or two still to be discussed. So, wasting no time, the next new aspect is also pretty impressive over at Golden Hat Bingo. You gamers can now claim a fine iPod as well as cash prizes for wagering the most cash at the site.

Called 'Melodious Bingo', this new promo might well see you bopping away to your favourite tunes whilst you play, a pastime we could all enjoy right?

To find out more about these fine new games, visit the Golden Hat Bingo site today!

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