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Every night of the week, we bingo fanatics enjoy nothing more than sitting down after a day at the office or wherever you happen to seek employment to a long, relaxing yet also exciting bingo event.

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Well, some days are of course slightly harder to handle than others and during these frustrating times, it can be even more important to get yourselves a good old fashioned bingo session in. Thursdays are not exactly known for their exciting options as most of us will be at work the next day, yet seeing as the weekend itself is just around the corner for many of us, the party vibe is already in us a touch by Thursday night, and often there can be few ways in which to relieve this urge to purge. Well, this is perhaps why Thursday nights are often one of the best nights of the week in online bingo terms, especially if you happen to play over at the super popular Bingo Fabulous site.

Yes, depending on which Thursday you happen to have logged on to this top drawer bingo website, you could find yourselves playing for one of two wonderful prizes. First up is a new TV, and we are talking a brand new LCD flat screen TV which is, by all accounts, very much worth winning, even if you're happy with your current set up. If you play a week later however, there is a holiday up for grabs which might come in very handy as the weather begins to turn (this might have already happened actually)! See, it's all going on over at the Bingo Fabulous website on a Thursday night.

To find out more about these popular games, including ticket prices and kick-off times, pop on over to the Bingo Fabulous website and check the promotions tab for more information before this Thursday rolls around.

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