Tuesday Night at Wink Bingo.

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo is just one of those sites which excels at what it offers. This is why every single night is worth spending a little time with the folks behind the scenes at this site because you can guarantee that they'll put on a bit of a show for you, whatever night of the week you happen to play at the site.

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Well, as tomorrow is Tuesday, you might be forgiven for expecting the offers to be a little less tempting. After all, what is there to shout about on a Tuesday? Well, Tuesdays are now top nights thanks to a few bingo sites going all out to make every single night of the week worth celebrating, a fine way to look at the world in all honesty, and Wink Bingo are certainly one of these sites who are doing their best to offer you gamers a taste of joy all week long.

Tomorrow then, over at the Wink Bingo site there are a few games taking place which will have you smiling from ear to ear. The first game on the menu in the evening is the Daily Delights event which offers a simple but very pleasing jackpot of £150. However, this game, as fun as it is (it plays at 8.00pm by the way, before I forget) is pretty much simply an appetiser because the big game plays later. Yes, the Tuesday Room at Wink Bingo at 9.00pm offers up a grand game, in more ways than one.

You can not only expect to be massively entertained over at Wink from 9.00pm in this game, but there is £1,000 up for grabs which is very good value for a Tuesday night wouldn't you say folks?

To find out more about these games, pop on over to the Wink Bingo site tonight and prepare for the big events tomorrow.

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