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Little Big Bingo are certainly on a mission to offer top value at the moment, something we have come to expect as bingo lovers. Of course, we do all still enjoy a good slice of bingo, whatever the price but thanks to the current economic climate, it is perhaps handy at the very least to be able to play for a reasonable amount now isn't it?

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It's like any walk of life in all honesty. I mean, who is likely to want to turn their noses up at a bargain? Well, if you are currently on the search for a good deal, you might want to pop on over to the Little Big Bingo site as their Friday night games certainly fall into the 'bargain' category! Yes, there are some very impressive offers at this site all week long folks, don't get me wrong, but it's on a Friday night that this site really shines.

See, the best value games are often penny games. Sure, free bingo is cheaper but often, the difference between a penny game and a free game can be pretty large in terms of the prizes on offer. Well, the Little Big Bingo site seems to be aware of this fact which is why, for a measly penny or two, you gamers can win a fantastic £1,000 on a Friday night! Superb stuff no?

As you might imagine, these fine Friday night events are popular little draws and have gamers flocking to what is likely to become a very big site in the forthcoming weeks and months and, should you fancy getting in on the action, you can thankfully pre-buy your tickets.

So, if you fancy playing for big prizes this Friday but don't want to break the bank doing it, pop on over to Little Big Bingo today!

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