It Pays to be the 888 Ladies Fan of the Week on Facebook.

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From now onwards, every Wednesday will see one of you loyal 888 Ladies Bingo gamers rewarded for your efforts. To be in with a chance of being named the 'fan of the week', you will need to have a Facebook account and become a fan of the popular gaming site on this social networking website, simple really.

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2010 has had its up and down's for the team behind the 888 Ladies Bingo product. Firstly, they lost their battle with the Advertising Standards Agency over one of their old adverts, one that suggested that you could win millions of pounds in a single game at their site. The Advertising Standards Agency or ASA as they tend to be called claimed that the advert was misleading and have won their case.

Still, that doesn't mean that you gamers who enjoy your bingo over at the 888 Ladies Bingo website will need to worry. See, if anything, you gamers are likely to be even better respected than you were before as the 888 Ladies Bingo team try to re-address the balance following this odd chain of events. In fact, so much do they appreciate your custom that they are running Facebook themed promotion in order to find and reward the 'fan of the week'.

So, what's in it for you? Well, becoming the fan of the week means bonuses and we all love to get our gaming mitts on as many of these as we can now don't we? To find out more about this fine new move from the folks behind the scenes at 888 Ladies Bingo, as they lick their wounds following this unfortunate ruling, pop on over to their site today and check the latest news-letter. Advertising nonsense aside, 888 Ladies Bingo are proudly showing that you gamers are still the most important part of the site. It's nice to be rewarded isn't it?

Head over to 888 Ladies today to see if you will be the next fan of the week!

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