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There is, at the moment, a super popular celebrity quiz which takes place over at the Ladbrokes Bingo website. See, this is one online gaming site which knows exactly what you bingo lovers are into and, though there might be a degree of shame involved, many of you gamers will no doubt be quite into your celebrity admiration.

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Yes, celebs are all over our screens and our magazines which is why even those of you gamers out there that couldn't give a monkeys that some actress has been sent to jail for drink driving can still take part in this event. After all, whether they interest you or not, celebs are everywhere and as such, we will all probably know more than we're letting on about the private life of Lindsay Lohan, and now this information can pay off at long last!

It's probably safe to say that we live in an age where celebrity is something of an obsession for most of us. Sometimes, this obsession can be a little unhealthy, take all the magazines which constantly tell us about the weight problems of people we have never met; that cannot be right can it? Still, most of us are at least a little intrigued by those faces we see in the movies and on the telly box and if you happen to know your celebrity culture, then this game is for you.    

There is £50 on offer and ten questions to be answered in this nifty little extra from Ladbrokes Bingo and, if you fancy getting in on the action, just make sure you're at the Ladbrokes site on a Wednesday at 6pm and that you've read Heat magazine in depth before you log on because £50 is always going to be a tasty little extra injection into your bingo account now isn't it?

Pop on over to Ladbrokes Bingo to play this super popular game today!

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