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There are many perks to playing your favourite game over at Bingo Fabulous it would seem. Firstly, new gamers are of course entitles to the obligatory selection of fantastic new bonuses and promotions but besides the introductory offers, there are some pretty tasty looking games and jackpots on offer over at Bingo Fabulous. Tuesdays are particularly impressive at Bingo Fabulous because at 10.45pm, the Wheel Deal Game kicks off and with a guaranteed jackpot of £500, this is a game that deserves to be played. Well, what else are you going to do on a Tuesday night right?

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This impressive weekly bingo promotion can be found on the Bingo Fabulous website under the 90-ball pre-buy tab and, as you might expect, tickets are not exactly wallet busting at very reasonable £1 each; just check down the side of your sofa, I'm sure you'll find at least enough for a ticket or two.

In this new weekly promotion at Bingo Fabulous, you gamers can walk away with £50 for getting a single line which, as I'm sure you'll agree, isn't bad going at all. Two lines will earn you an increasingly impressive £150 instantly and if you do manage to claim the full house before anyone else beats you to it, then you can walk away with £300 for your troubles.

The maximum number of tickets a gamer can pre buy for this coming Tuesday night event (a while away I  know) is 48, so go easy as that is a lot of money to throw around for a single game but, that said, if you play responsibly, this could be the perfect way to spend an otherwise fairly dull Tuesday night. Winners will not only walk away with some cash in their pocket, but you will also climb the Bingo Fabulous winners table.

Head over to Bingo Fabulous today to get involved with their latest bingo promotions!

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