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It can be a frustrating experience for bingo fanatics, reading through what might seem like a never ending list of bingo based promotions that take place during the day. Believe it or not, a large chunk of the bingo loving population actually have jobs or at the very least some obligations during daylight hours that cannot just be ignored and as such, all the day time based promotions in the world are essentially pointless.

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So, for the majority of us, unless we've somehow managed to wriggle free from the office for a day or have decided not to pick the kids up from school, evenings are our only real source of bingo based fun and at Littlewoods Bingo this month, they certainly have that avenue covered with an hour of extreme bargain bingo every night.

Yes, for those of you who not only look forward to an evening of bingo based entertainment but also love a good bargain, between the hours of 11pm and midnight, Littlewoods Bingo have just that on offer; quality bingo at extremely good prices. There are free bingo games and penny games a plenty in this hour of online gaming madness so make sure that you don't miss out.

It's certainly nice to see online bingo providers making an effort to reward those hard working gamers who just don't have the time to play during the day and Littlewoods Bingo are certainly doing just that this month.

For the full list of bargain games and top prizes pop on over to Littlewoods Bingo today!

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