Big Winners This Week Already at Little Big Bingo

Little Big Bingo

It might only be the middle of the working week, but that doesn't mean that there haven't already been some amazing wins out there in the big wide world of online bingo. After all, if you consider just how many sites there are in operation these days then consider how many gamers actually frequent these sites on an hourly basis, safe to say that there will have been a heck of a lot of money transferred yesterday alone and the week has barely even begun!

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One site who has already released details of their winners this week is the ever popular Little Big Bingo. See, the Little Big Bingo site is exactly that, large in terms of clientèle and Little in terms of ego because gamers can relax at this site, happy in the knowledge that their games are relatively cheap and hugely entertaining.

Well, some gamers who happened to visit the site this week have already discovered the perks to playing their online bingo at the Little Big Bingo website. For starters, the gamer who plays under the alias of 'umatwo' made good her name and claimed over a grand, simply by enjoying her preferred online games at the Little Big Bingo site.

Now, although a grand is a wonderful amount of cash by anybodies standards, the real winner this week so far is the gamer 'jojo7301' who claimed a magnificent £2,856 by playing at the Little Big Bingo site. Imagine how she must feel folks!  

To be one of the lucky gamers to make this prestigious list next week, why not nip on over to Little Big Bingo and see what all the fuss is about?

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