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Golden Hat Bingo have giant Linx games on offer most weekends and, even though you gamers have quite some time to practice before the weekend rolls around again, we here at thought that it was a good idea to give you gamers a bit of a heads up. Linx games are a bit of a hit at the minute, and it isn't hard to see why, which might be one of the reasons why Golden Hat Bingo should be on your list of places to visit.

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At only 50p a ticket, this game is certainly creating quite a buzz over at Golden Hat Bingo who have already, and bear in mind it's still only January, have been very busy this year creating quality promotions and jackpots for their loyal customer base. There is also a pre-buy option for tickets on this game so even though it kicks off this weekend, there is no need to be left ticketless once the game starts. Bingo linx games are a growing trend which enables gamers who are playing in different room to link up to one another thereby creating huge games with, naturally, huge jackpots and prizes!

If you are new to Golden Hat Bingo this month, you're in for a treat. The site which currently boasts a number of fine jackpots and promotions including this top drawer game is welcoming new members with some rather rewarding incentives. For the full list of what Golden Hat Bingo has to offer this month, visit their site but don't forget, this weekend is the big one and if you want to walk away with a life changing sum of money then you'll need to bingo on your lucky number in under 31 calls. For the full terms and conditions, visit the Golden Hat Bingo site, and good luck to you all.

Head over to Golden Hat Bingo today for the chance to win huge cash prizes with their Bingo Linx games!

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