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Every day in the online bingo world, there are tons and tons of promotions for us gamers to sample, though some days it seems are in fact better than others.

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As you might well have noticed from the sheer number of articles that we post here at which seem to concentrate on Thursday night promotions, this pre-cursor to the weekend has apparently become the best night to play at the majority of sites out there across the online bingo community. Well, though this might be true,do not worry if you happen to busy tomorrow night as there are plenty of promotions on the table for you gamers to enjoy this very evening and over at the always busy Littlewoods Bingo, there is one in particular which I think you'll enjoy.

Playing at 8pm over at the Littlewoods Bingo website is a brand new promotion which is called Gold Rush, and as the name suggests, you bingo lovers might well be in for something of a treat as there is plenty to be won. This new event takes the form of a 75 ball bingo game, a version of the pastime which has become increasingly popular in recent months, and it plays over in the delightfully named Bingo Smoothie Room.

Indeed, you gamers who happen to pay this site a visit tonight will certainly not regret your actions as there is a fine amount of cash up for grabs and, though it might seem like a slightly invasive question, honestly, what else are you likely to do tonight? Wednesdays are, after all, alittle sleepy most weeks. So, to find out more, pop on over to Littlewoods Bingo today. Tickets can be pre-bought for this event.

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