Five Grand Up For Grabs on Thursday at Littlewoods Bingo.

Littlewoods Bingo

Sure, so you gamers will probably already be more than a little bit aware of the crack as far as most of the big money games go at the minute, but there is certainly no harm in having a friendly reminder every once in a while. After all, what can you gamers expect to play for tonight?

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After all, Thursdays have fast become one of the biggest nights on the weekly bingo schedule and it is mainly down to the efforts of many a top notch online gaming provider, such as, oh I don't know, Littlewoods Bingo say? Well, as you might expect then, over at the Littlewoods Bingo site tonight is a game that should have all of you bingo lovers flocking over in a bit a of a frenzy because, believe it or not, there is a truly amazing £5,000 up for grabs tonight over at Littlewoods Bingo and it is a guaranteed pot to boot, so somebody out there simply has to win.
Now, hopefully most of you will already have this particular event noted down in your diaries, but in case you are not already aware for some reason, then you might well want to make sure that this one bingo site which enjoys your company this evening. This particular game kicks off at 9pm over in the Bingo Café room and seeing as the prize is so impressive, no doubt you'll have a great deal of company whilst you play.
To find out more about this game, whilst you still have time folks, make sure you pop on over to the Littlewoods Bingo site before 9pm. Also, tickets for this wonderful game can be pre-bought so make sure you are kitted out before kick-off. Good luck to you all!

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